Telemedicine services offered in Phoenix, AZ

Getting care from home is as simple as booking a telemedicine appointment. Telemedicine is an excellent option for people who want to speak to a doctor in their own homes, especially when sick., Call the Jasser Center for Comprehensive Care team or request an appointment online.

Telemedicine Q&A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a modern way to talk to the doctor without leaving your couch. The branch of medicine allows the team to evaluate your concerns and health over the phone or on the computer.

But telemedicine isn’t just chatting with the team about your recent lab results or health concerns; it’s also a way for the team to monitor your health through remote monitoring devices.

Telemedicine is an excellent option for those far from the primary care office or needing help getting transportation to and from appointments.

It’s also a great option when you need an appointment fast, but the team can’t see you in the office setting or when you’re sick and don’t want to infect others with a virus.

How does telemedicine work?

You need a few things for a telemedicine appointment to work. A good internet connection is one of the most important aspects of a telehealth visit.

You’ll also need a phone or computer to talk to the team through, preferably with a camera attached. It allows the team to visualize you and remark on your physical health.

The practice sends you a link to get onto on the day of your appointment, which allows the team member and you to connect remotely and discuss your health.

Can you have any appointment through telemedicine?

Just about any appointment can be telemedicine, except when you need physical things done like an exam or blood work.

Follow-up and medication check appointments are great ways to use telemedicine without coming into the office.

You may also have a telemedicine appointment to review recent lab work or the next step in chronic disease management.

Are there any negatives to telemedicine?

Telemedicine is very convenient, but it is only for some. Some people would rather see the team face-to-face than on their phones or computer.

Telemedicine has some limitations, including the physical aspect of your health. It’s difficult for the team to evaluate your physical health on the computer.

Despite some limitations, telemedicine has provided many patients convenience and peace of mind during the pandemic and illness.

Call the Jasser Center for Comprehensive Care today or request a telemedicine appointment online to inquire about telemedicine.